Tuesday, September 16, 2008


First of all, let me say that I am sorry for the absence. I just finished unpaking the last of the boxes from the move and am peacefully settled into the new place. I would also like to say that by popular demand, I (along with a few others) have decided to go through with my Initation to the First Degree. I passed every preperation and I have accomplished every goal my Initiator, for lack of a better word, has given me. I know that I have come across heavy resistance from a few timely old witches in the beginning, and for a while there, I did call off the Initiation. But I talked it out with a few people and it is more than the fact that I simply "want" to be initiated now, it seems like it will bring the spirits of others up as well.

My initiator is having a hard time at her job and with family, and working on my special day helps her unwind. One of my friends feels a little closer to me and to his Diety just by being able to attend. My mother has expressed just how proud of her son she is and is more than happy to attend. I myself and overjoyed to finally be able to call myself a Witch without facing judgement from the Elders and Crones out there.

I want to say to those Elders and Crones that, yes, I do understand that there is a lot you have to do before you are ready for the first initiation. And Yes, I do understand that I have to go around the Wheel of the Year at least once, which I have done already. But I want to ask if you truely understand that sometimes you are just called to do something. My Diety called me to do something to help my friend's morale and she almost threw an initiation book at me. The rest is history. For those of you saying that I am doing this before my time, I tell you now that I have compleated every task that my initiator has given me. I have written essays and I have almost a full Book of Shadows now. Although I am going into this as a Non-Crafting Witch, I am going to keep a book of Spells as there is more than one form of a Spell. Simply blowing a kiss to the one you love in itself is considered casting a spell.

That is pretty much all I wanted to say about that. To those of you who say that I am rushing this, understand that it is you for the most part who told me that "You do not choose Wicca or the Craft, but The Craft chooses you." This is mearly the same for my Initiation. For those of you who are either being helped by this event or simply send your blessings, Thank you.

Blessed Be My Friends
Aries Eros DreamWalker