Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Marcum Terrace

I know it is unlike me to write a rant-type blog here in Blogspot, but I have neglected this space for quite some time and I have decided to copy and paste this to both blogs.

Anyway, I was out visiting my mom this past weekend and everything went very well. I had a good time and my guest had a nice time as well, but my mom's husband brought up something that is the most retarded idea he has ever had. I know that he better have been joking. He looked at me and asked me when I was going to get an apartment there in Marcum Terrace. I so wanted to say tell him that I am short on drugs and I dont own a gun so my application would be rejected. There are many things wrong with moving into that area.

For one, people who lived in the worst part of the ghetto are scared to go to Marcum Terrace. Secondly, (although this is my main point) My dad and I have lived in an apartment all our lives and we have scrimped and saved for well over ten years to get this house. By no means am I ever returning to apartment living. Yes, times are hard and yes, my dad and I have arguments, but who cares. For the most part, he and I get along. Also, times are hard for everyone. Going from a house to an apartment wont change that.

My next point was brought up by Larry himself. He told me that he has a car and if I need to go somewhere, he would be more than happy to take me. I dont think that would work out because if I had a time limit to be somewhere, and it was inconvienient for him, I would not make my deadline. Its hard enough just getting a ride home when I stay to visit. I dont think I could torture myself living there.

On the lower end of my reasons not to live there, I have a very particular phobia that makes living in Marcum Terrace just impossible. I dont know where this phobia came from or why I have it, but I am scared... no, terrified of roaches. Just typing that sends chills down my spine. My older sister and mother take good care of their apartments so they only see a few of them, but I get lazy sometimes. Cleaning will be at the very bottom of my to-do list because I am so terrified of seeing a roach. Not to mention I wouldnt want to store food in the apartment because I dont even like thinking that a roach could have touched it.

I cant move in there and will never move in there. At this point in time, I am outside of all the drama that goes with my family, and I dont wish to enter that drama. Right now I am a submissive 3rd party. If I move there, then I can no longer be that way.

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Lena said...

cj,cj,cj...I just read your blog about Marcum Terrace & I'm a little offened by what you said about it. I mean Dess & I had no other option, I mean we could have lived in Rotary Gardens but I have a fear of being told what to do & when to do it & I lived up there for six years & had real roaches, your dad can verfiy that. We did everything to try and get rid of them and not to mention since they paid the bills there you were not aloud to turn on your Christmas lights until they said so or leave your door open and back to the roaches, yes some of the people that live there some education in cleaning but for the most part the roaches that are there are the ones that come from under the building, see the place is about 80 years old and that makes it at least 30 to 40 years older than Rotary Gardens and I have never been afraid to leave anything out. The only reason Larry said that was because of me, I like having my family around and he was also thinking about how it would be more convient for everybody and we could see you more, granted its not the place to live and I am tickled to death that you all have a house, its a lovely house at that however back to Marcum Terrace I chose that place because for one I could have Cassie and two I could have my washer & dryer unlike Rotary Gardens. Even though I hated lived there for the most part, it was a roof over my and Dess' head and we were warm in the winter. I could never depend on no one not even your dad, he had no ambition when we were together all he wanted to do was sit and watch tv. Like I said the only reason Larry said that was because of wanting all of us together not because of drugs or anything else. I'm sorry you feel that way and I'm sorry I had to live up there but unlike your dad I'm not going to bite off more than I can chew. I am very hurt over that but as always I'm some how made out to be the bad guy for what ever reason. I love you son & I hope that you get over this.