Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This Deck or That

Today's topic will be about the wonderful world of the new Tarot Deck. And I want to remind everyone that what iwritten here is my own thoughts and opinions. Now, I know that there are people out there that have either just purchased a new deck or are waiting in anticipation to purchase your very first Tarot Deck. For those of you that have not read with Tarot before, I would suggest that you begin your readings with playing cards. But I beg of you to remember one certain rule. The Celtic Cross Spread is not used to answer yes or no questions. That doesn't mean that you can not ask "Will I get that promotion?" or questions along those lines because that reading has much more to it than just blurting yes or no. Although, you may want a simple one word answer that is NEVER what you will get.

Now that the intro has been said, about that brand spanking new deck you just bought last week. What I usually do when I purchase a new Tarot Deck is, I go through the initial plapitations of ripping off the plastic, scratching and clawing to get at my new deck. After that, I go through the usual excitement of holding the cards in my hand. If the cards themselves are wrapped seperately, then my heart continues to swell with anticipation until I finally get at them. I then shuffle through the cards and look at each one individually. Just recently, I went through the transition of being a Novice Reader to an Intermediate Reader. Meaning that I still need my little books heavily and rely on them very much so, but I am able to understand and interpert a throw while looking at the cards themselves. Now, don't worry too much about when and how you transition from "Beginner" to "Expert" because you will just know. It's not something you can really plan for.

The name of my newest deck is called "Gay Tarot". Something very common in my "Phase of Buying a New Deck," is the feeling of remorse or better called that uh-oh feeling. "Should I have bought this deck? Is this what I am looking for? Did I buy the wrong deck?" After the inital fear of thinking that I have made a life altering mistake with my deck choice, I shuffel through and look through the cards once more and think that perhaps I can use this deck in certain situations.

I want to offer some insightful words of wisdom for those of you who, like me, kinda rely on some sort of pictorial evidence to indicate what the heck is going on in each deck. There is a world of difference between each and every deck. I know that may sound scary and only increase your uh-oh fear, but worry not. Just buy a deck and start there. You don't have to go through this sacred ritual where you have to strip nude and pray to the gods for which deck you must purchase. There is no right or wrong deck for you, just as there is no God-sent deck for you.

Remember, there is no need to fear that brand new deck of cards.
May all your days be sunny and bright
Blessed Be from Me to Thee
Aries DreamWalker

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